Whether you need a rental, a new lease, a building manager, buying or selling your home – it can all be accomplished with Billie Myers.  Billie got her real estate license in 1979 when living in Destin, FL.  Raising two sons and working in real estate and property management kept Billie very busy.  In 1982, an opportunity presented itself to Billie and her husband, Larry.  They moved back to their hometown of Memphis Tennessee and purchased their local drug store, located in Cowan, TN.  They spent the next 21 years owning their own business.  In 1999, CVS moved to town and offered to buy their business.  They decided to sell and that is when they moved permanently to Daytona Beach Shores.  Once they were settled in, Billie again became active in real estate and property management.  Billie currently manages a 43 unit condominium complex located in the Shores, as well as managing numerous rental properties.  With Billie’s ’s confidence and down to earth personality, you will be at ease working with her. Billie is always available to answer all of your questions no matter how silly they may seem. With her vast knowledge of the properties in the Daytona Beach Shores, and her attentiveness to your wants and needs;  she’s the best agent for the job!

Billie is a Realtor and Licensed CAM.

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